Volunteering for a Difference

When you volunteer for Sailors Helpline you make a positive difference to the lives of other seafarers as well as a positive difference to yourself. 

  Some benefits of volunteering

  • Learn practical skills

  • Enhanced self awareness

  • Opportunity to give back to your community

  • Belonging to the Sailors Helpline community

 Volunteering Opportunities

        There are a number of different volunteering opportunities at Sailors Helpline. You can choose a form of volunteering that suits your skills and interests, the amount of time you have to give and the location you would like to work at. Here are some examples of volunteering opportunities that may be available at Sailors Helpline:

  • Assist in administration and office activities at a Sailors Helpline

  • Provide your expert skills or services in a pro-bono capacity, e.g. a professional lawyer may like to volunteer their skills at Sailors Helpline.

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