Founded in 2002, Sailors Helpline (Regd) , is based in the port city of Chennai- India, is serving the maritime community of India with emergency social services. Sailors Helpline is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. The ongoing work of the Helpline is made possible by a dedicated corps of volunteers who consist of lawyers, active seafarer’s welfare workers and port chaplains, who are dedicated in assisting seafarers and fishers. 

       The Helpline provides free and confidential information and referrals for Seafarers. Our close association with various seafarers assistance network nationally and internationally, facilitates us in assisting the seafarers during the hour of crisis. In India the Seafarers Helpline is the pioneer NGO working for the betterment of the families of missing seafarers and accident victims. Sailors Helpline enjoys broad-based maritime community support.


Call Sailors Helpline today if you or someone you know is being in personal distress.


        To affirm the worth of every seafarer; Address the needs of seafarers and families in our maritime community, and to advocate for positive life transformation

 To provide resource and assistance for the people of the sea: for seafarers & fishers and their families. Providing information and support to seafarer welfare workers across the globe.


        To reach seafarers and provide easily accessible assistance and services of the highest quality.


You can help! Sailors Helpline is always grateful for ideas, suggestions additions and corrections to this website. If you have information that you think might benefit seafarers please email: sailorshelpline@yahoo.com.